My Bucket List

"You can't discover new things unless you have the courage to lose sight of your fears, cause only those who risk can tell how far they can go." -Anonymous

I'm fond of making lists- list of things to do, places to go, stuffs to buy, even list of the bags and shoes I own. LOL. ^.^ and then I have the ultimate list -my bucket list- a compilation of the dreams, goals and aspirations I hold.

I regard myself as very ambitious. I'm a dreamer, and I dream big. Some of the entries here may seem like a snowball's chance in hell; however, I am one girl who doesn't believe that anything is ever impossible. Yes, we've always been told to set realistic goals, but what would become of us after having achieved all of them? Fulfilled, yes, but we might become stagnant. We might lose our sense of purpose.

Besides, not all dreams are meant to be realised; some of them we make to serve as inspiration. Let me quote a line from one of my favorite books, The Alchemist: "I'm afraid that if my dream is realized, I'll have no reason to go on living."  Makes sense, doesn't it?

Now, I'm not saying that I cannot or I will not try to work on these I've listed. I will! :) They are very doable and achievable though one or two may just be a little hard to actualize. :p and really, what did I listed them down for if I don't work on them?! haha. What I'm just trying to say is don't hesitate to dream big. It will inspire and motivate you. Even if you fail to achieve that dream, I'm sure that along the way, in your quest to fulfill that dream of yours, some dreams you never thought you had have come true. :) What's important is you have to believe in your dreams.

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." -Brian Litrell

So never stop dreaming, the dreams we have are what makes our life interesting and worthwhile. What are your dreams? Think about what you want to achieve. What are your goals?  What do you aspire for? List them down as well to constantly remind you to live life to the fullest. Life is beautiful, the world is beautiful; but at the same time, life is short so carpe diem! :)

Appreciate life by conquering your fears- take risks, be adventurous, explore more.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Mark Twain

Ok, ok, enough of my rhetorics. :) Here now is my bucket list:

(Note: What I've listed here are my personal objectives, I did not include anymore my ideals and my desire to change the world(hehehe) as those are very subjective. They are listed in random order and I will be updating them from time to time, highlighting every entry that has been achieved. Also, the photos here were acquired from the Internet and I do not claim ownership over them. ^.^)

1.Witness the Aurora Borealis (Probably the most beautiful thing one would ever see in his/her lifetime)
2. Witness the Aurora Australis (The Auroras top my list for the reason that as spectacular as they are, these are also very elusive phenomena. You can't see them just whenever you want to.)
3. Be surrounded with Cherry Blossoms (my heart screams CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!!!!)

4. Travel to Japan, my beloved! (I want to with the Tokyo crowd, dress like a geisha ^.^ , eat very authentic Japanese food, appreciate Japan's natural beauty, attend a Cherry Blossom festival, experience Japanese culture, etc. No, I'm not addicted to anime. No, I'm not a fan of Japanese pop stars, or even any popstar. I'm just really fascinated and drawn with Japan and its people. The recent events in Japan really broke my heart. It made me cry.)
5. Join The Amazing Race
6. Go Skydiving (will probably be one of the most exciting few minutes of my life ^.^)
7. Explore Socotra Island in Yemen

8. Watch penguins walking so adorably in their real habitat
9. Write a book
10. Try Bungee Jumping
11. Meet the Pope in Person
12. Stand on the Kjeragbolten (yup, this chick is a daredevil. harhar.)

13.Be a lawyer (I promise I'll be one)
14. Stand at the edge of Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)
15. Enjoy a hot coffee with the Swiss Alps in view (next to Japan, Switzerland is another country I'm in love with)
16. Do charity work (Didn't I just say this list does not include my superwoman-saved-the-world ambitions? haha. Well, this is still a personal goal, isn't it? ^.^)
17. Sleep in a castle

18.Travel to the Outer Space (ho-humm! ^.^)
19. Take in Batanes' splendid beauty
20. Appear in Nat Geo (On how I'm going to make that happen, I still don't know. haha ^.^)
21. Learn to play the saxophone
22. Traverse the long stretch of the Great Wall of China
23. Spend a day at the Glen Canyon

24. Bring my whole family on a trip abroad
25. Climb Mt. Kinabalu
26. Ride a gondola in Venice while being serenaded by the gondolier
27. Go around Paris in a bike with basket filled with freshly baked French Baguettes (I just thought that would be cute. Yes? ^.^)
28. Hit the beach, ALONE.
29. Do scuba diving
30. Go back to Cambodia to work as a volunteer
31. Have a romantic dinner by the beach in Amanpulo
32. Experience autumn, my most favorite season
33. Go on a safari in Kenya
34. Purchase a car (with my OWN hard earned money)
35. Have my own cafe or restaurant
36. Play and run around a strawberry field
37. Spend some few days in Maldives
36. Swim with Whale Sharks
37. Explore Slovenia's majestic beauty (Lake Bled especially)
39. Build my dream house
40. Learn to fly a plane
41. Practice amateur astronomy (I could have written "be an astronomer" but I kindda suck in Physics. raaawr.)
42. Run around, jump, lie on the grass and have my photos taken at the Luneburg Heath (hihi)
43. Backpack in India44. See the inside of Burj Al Arab (you can't go inside without a room booked, which is super duper expensive or a restaurant reservation)
45. Be fluent in at least 3 more different language (English and Tagalog not included, ok? hehe)
46. Discover a Supernova
47. Become a renowned photographer
48. Bathe in a waterfall
49.  Have a picnic in a beautiful park (yes, I'm super shallow sometimes ^.^)
50. Treat a friend for a trip outside the country

Do you reckon something might be missing from the list? ^.^    ^.^    ^.^

I'm a dreamer and these dreams are an important part of me. If my life was a car, my dreams would be the fuel that keeps me going. And if there's someone out there who sincerely believes in me and pays attention to my dreams, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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