Friday, March 4, 2011

Fun in the Kitchen: Pichi Pichi Surprise

I have this habit of experimenting with foods especially when my taste buds are craving for something a little bit special. Two days ago, at past 4am and still wide awake, I went downstairs to the kitchen to grab something to eat.

I was craving for something sweet. There were cookies in one cabinet but I wasn't in the mood for cookies. There were chocolates in the other but they have not been opened yet, I did not want to touch them. There was pichi pichi in the fridge. That was my last option. But I'm not a fan of rice or cassava cakes except for Moron, a native delicacy from Leyte that is ohmygad, eye-poppingly delicious.

Ok, so I'm not a fan of pichi pichi. Right! But I needed to satisfy my sweet cravings! Then in a flash, my experimental self thought, "Why not make something special out of this?". It didn't take me long enough to find what I just needed.

Pichi Pichi (or Peach Peachy), Walnuts and Smucker's Magic Shell in Chocolate flavor then it's creative-mind-meets-hungry-stomach history :)

Just a few drizzles of the Smucker's (no, I didn't expect it to shell because it won't. hehe. I just needed it for the chocolate flavor) and toppings of chopped walnuts, may I present....

charan.....  Pichi Pichi Surprise! not your ordinary pichi pichi anymore, eh? :)

I totally liked it and made another one come evening. :) Chocolate goes really well with walnuts, or just about any nuts. What surprised me was the chocolate and cheese combination. It's a match made in dessert heaven! :)

those shredding are cheese, they look like desiccated coconut because of the flash

Hugs and Happiness,


  1. that box looks familiar, is that both somewhere in camanava area?

    anyway, i like dare devil girl! way to go! apir!
    india agad on 2011. panalo! =)

  2. Hi, Chyng! I'm quite shocked to see you here. Windang ako. hehe.

    I'm not sure where the pichi pichi was bought. But yes, I think they have a branch there as well :)

    Kahiya, prang draft plang tong blog ko. hehe. Anyway, I'll add ur super amazing blog on my blog roll. :)

  3. I'm gonna have to edit the goals. next time na cguro ang India. Maybe I'll just climb Mt. Kinabalu on 11.11.11 :D