Monday, March 28, 2011

Capones Island

May 2010

On our 2nd day in Anawangin, our boatman picked us up at 9am and we went to Capones. The island is known for its lighthouse and its stunning view of the sea and the horizon.

Instead of sand, the shore is lined with beautiful, probably metamorphic rocks

Our patient boatman

If a picture paints a thousand words
This is my favorite photo ever!!!!! :) I'm so glad to have this kind of photo. Thanks to my friend who took this shot. Really, most of the time, stolen shots are the best. I call this a "life photo". It speaks about youthfulness, happiness, friendship, dreams, goals etc. It's the kind of photo that makes you appreciate life even more.

The climb was a little exhausting but so worth it. You're sure to get thirsty so bring a bottle of water.  Arm yourself with sunnies and umbrella or hat to protect your skin from the scorching heat.

And finally, we reached the top! We stayed for around 30 minutes just taking in the beautiful sight that surrounds us.    
the GORGEOUS view :D

Meet "emo" and "senti". lol. :p We're just adapting to our environment. hehe

Hugs and Happiness,


  1. for me, capones is the most photogenic among the islands there. i regret not going to the lighthouse, laki kasi ng waves the time we got there. =(

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